Edís baking passion started as a small child and he could never let it go.
After discovering for himself the joy of the ĎMacaroní - he knew he had found his calling.

After a year of perfecting the delight of a Macarahrah Macaron, his dream of creating yummy treats for everyone in his own kitchen has been realised.
Ed is one of very few Hand Made, Hand Piped and Hand Designed macaron producers  in Melbourne.
Since the start of Macarahrah in 2012 Ed had added even more treats to the Macarahrah line up.
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Bec has enjoyed many days in the kitchen with Ed, brainstorming, testing, baking, creating and (her favourite part) 'sampling' the complete Macarahrah range of Macaronís and sweet treats.

You may often run in to the cheerful Bec during a delivery run.
If you are looking for an honest answer, ask a child the question.

Our nephew Noah is serious about his Macaron's and will quickly let you know what his favourite flavours are.

Noah is proud to hold the position as Macarahrah's Chief Taste Tester.